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Friday, May 29, 2009


And the Babies Are.......................................
Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008 10:52 AM

Gotta Brag
Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008 11:26 AM

So I just think that my little guys are the cutest things I've ever seen in my whole life.
They were amazing and active, at least part of the time, Baby B decided he had, had enough play and hid behind his brother right after we got the in between the legs shot.
These little ones seem to be pictures of health. We didn't get all the organ pictures because they were laying right next to each other. They cuddle even though they have room. I am in love with them. They both started out just waving to me and kicking their little legs. I even felt Baby A once who did a complete somersault while we watched.
Baby A is growing in the 44th percentile. Baby B is in the 50th percentile. Both 11 ounces. Baby A's heartrate 158, Baby B was 152.
The possible names are Ethan, Daniel, James, and Johnathan (with an H in it).
Update with pictures later!

My Favorite Boy's Name
Posted Friday, October 31, 2008 7:05 AM

My favorite boys name is one I've been keeping to myself because I don't want Matt to just automatically veto it. I am a huge fan of the name and I love the nickname I came up with as well. I am afraid that Matt will hate it.
I came up with the name because it is one of my favorite characters from one of my all-time favorite shows, Coupling (BBC version of course).
I want to name my son Patrick. I want to call him Patrick too for the most part, but for a nickname, I don't like Pat ot Patty. I love the nickname Trick. I think it is traditional in one sense, but then Trick is very fun. I love the name and because Matt and I were both born little blondies, Matt completely platinum and me with golden curls, I can envision this little boy with white blonde hair wearing little blue jeans and a striped button up shirt with a navy blue sweater vest over it. And I can see his name is Patrick and I love him more than anything in the world. That is a stupid vision I know. I just think about how much I want one son to be named Patrick.
Matt hates every boy name I pick. I just don't want him to hate Patrick too. Plus it sounds so good with the middle names we have picked out, either Patrick Ray Thomas E-worth or Patrick Samuel E-worth.
Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!

Espionage, Chicken, Stretch Marks, Registry, Harry Potter, and Stationary Bicycles
Posted Monday, November 03, 2008 7:53 AM

Espionage: I do believe we named the boys. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Matt will stick with it since these are the names he picked and told me he wanted. Ethan and James. I know a lot of you picked these as your favorites. He completely vetoed Patrick. It would be James after James Bond. I think Matt and I both might have a crush on Daniel Craig. Have you seen how gorgeous his eyes are? By far the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. So we will have our little 007. Then Ethan would be after Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible film series. I like the 1st and 3rd movies. I'm totally cool with it.
Chicken: I ate some, I ate some! It didn't make me sick. I am going to make chicken tonight. Please let the aversion to poultry be over!!!
Stretch Marks: I've got one on my tummy. the right side. My first stretch mark at 20 weeks, not a good indicator of things to come. I thought it was a bruise at first, then I felt it and it had a slight dent feel to it. I guess I will have to donate my 10 or 15 bikini swimsuits that still fit before this pregnancy. I admit, I cried about this last night and Matt had to hold me and tell me constantly for about 20 minutes, how beautiful I am. I swear though, no matter how many times he tells me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world and he says that he thinks that my belly, with or without stretch marks is the most amazing and gorgeous thing he's ever gotten to see, I still feel fat and scarred. I know that having these boys will make it worth it, but Matt told me, "This is the sacrifice you are making to be our little boys' baby house for awhile." I think I'm lucky to have someone who loves me no matter what. I just wish that the body could bounce back entirely.
I told Matt that I know he is against any kind of touchup surgery, but I begged him, if we have the money and I am really unhappy, to please let me get laser resurfacing on the scars and a tummy tuck. He told me he doesn't ever want that. I told him, if it meant that I was happy, could I? He said it would be a bridge we'd cross if we ever get there. I think that means no, but I would do it if I felt like an ugly whale after my boys get here.
Registry: We kinda registered at Babies R Us yesterday. It is so confusing. There is so much stuff! I just don't know what all to put down. Afterwhile, Matt and I started registering for everything we saw and said we'd get rid of it if it seemed stupid once we got home and could really look at lists. We haven't done this yet. However, BRU has thee cutest baby clothes. Matt and I took a break from registering to drool over little outfits. All the Christmas outfits were out and we couldn't help but pick up all the Santa costumes and there was this blazer and matching hat combo that made Matt and I almost squeal! It was just sooo darn cute!!! I can't wait to take the boys to get their pictures taken. I am going to lay down a fortune at portrait studios. I just have to, can't wait.
Also Matt and I almost cried at the idea of possibly needing to buy premie diapers since the twins growth usually slows down sooner that singleton babies. I just don't want to have babies that are so small that it could be bad for them. I just want them big strong and healthy. I'm praying for our little guys to be newborn size.
Harry Potter: Matt read the first chapter of the Sorcerer's Stone to the boys last night. He read to them in such cute voices. It was great. He told me he hopes to finish reading the series to them while they are really little. Then when they are older, we can read it to them again. But I told Matt that before that, I want to read them Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe. Those kind of books were what I loved as a little girl, when my Dad would read them to me before bed. I am definitely reading them to my boys.
Stationary Bike: I ordered Stationary Bike pedals to put under my desk at work. I need to exercise more. I have been slacking and I want to get in some workouts. Bike pedals at work and more light weights and walking at home. I have been so lazy, but I need to stop making excuses for myself. I'm not that sick anymore.
PS: One last thing which is kinda cool. Both my little boys are head-down and competing for the first born spot. This is a really good thing. Lets cross our fingers and hope they stay that way and abdominal surgery will me a mute point!

Cook A What?
Posted Monday, November 03, 2008 3:05 PM

Matt's parents are coming up for Thanksgiving and we are celebrating Christmas. I bought them part of their Christmas gift, a double set of apple wreath and balsom pine Christmas candles from yankee candle. They smell great. The other part of their gift will be an ornament like always. I started getting them one when I started dating Matt 8 years ago. I get them the cool personalized ornaments with the whole family's names on it. This year, I am going to have all the names on it, but on my character, we are going to write in the babies names on my tummy. so I think we might get snowmen characters this year so it will "POP" against the white. It will be cute. Matt's Mom expecially loves them.
On Thanksgiving, I am making my first big meal. My Mom is coming over early to help me get things prepared, then she is going to my Grandparent's house for dinner, and leaving early to come back and help me some more. We will have dinner later in the day. But I was telling Matt that since it will be 7 people tops, I don't want to make too much food. I said I'm making turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, rolls and cranberry sauce. Then I'd make a pumkin pie and an apple pie.
He seemed very disappointed. He asked why we couldn't make the full dinner? He wants me to add on the homemade mac n cheese, greenbean casserole, a ham, and broccoli and cheese casserole. He also wants a pecan pie and a cherry pie. I was like, "Babe, there are going to be enough leftovers as it is." He said he really wants to have his parents experience a real Christmas with us. I said that I could probably pull it off. But then he asked me when I would be making all the cookies? I was like, "Excuse me?" I didn't even think he'd want the cookies this early. I go to a cookie party in December every year and walk away with tons and tons of cookies. He wants me to make all the cookies, then turn around and make them again a few weeks later?
I said I could make some frozen cookie dough for chocolate chip leftover from last year. He was not excited. I asked him just what he wanted me to make. He said he wants all of them, Chocolate chip with and without nuts, gooey butter cookies, peanut butter, oatmeal raisins, macroons, chocolate dipped pretzels and peanuts, monster cookies, peanutbutter kiss cookies, and Russian Tea Cakes. He wants everything. I told him there is no way I'm able to get that done along with us decorating the house early, getting the yard growing and with him being in crunch time at work and school along with helping with the indoor decorating.
This is the first time he gets to have Christmas or Thanksgiving with his family in 4 years and he is so excited. He finally isn't working retail and he wants to really impress them. I just wish it didn't involve so much baking. I might take a day off work closer to Thanksgiving to bake the cookies. I might take off on my birthday to do it. I like sitting at home watching smutty TV. It would be Happy Birthday to me!

Election Day!
Posted Tuesday, November 04, 2008 7:27 AM

From my previous posts and anyone who has access to my Facebook, it is easy to see that I'm an Obama Mama, but this post is about something election-related that will make everyone happy!
I am so thrilled. I love Politics, but come November, it is nice when Political Ads give way to Holiday Commercials! I know that with the leaving of the attack ads, come the advertisements for all the Christmas light shows and the Nutcracker Ballet. I can't wait until I am done seeing McCain and Obama and can see a Clydesdale Drawn Carriage in the snow. Clydesdales make me cry. I guess it is a St. Louis pride kind of thing (Darn you InBev). They are just beautiful animals. Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. That being said, I have one thing kinda political to bring up. I watched the SNL Presidential Election Bash last night. Now, I think some things the candidates have done on the show have been funny in the past, but Sarah Palin didn't come across funny at all last night. I would have loved to have seen a recorded message from Obama, but I know with his Grandmother being ill/passed and still needing to campaign, SNL can always wait, but McCain/Tina Fey were funny last Saturday. Palin was not too funny the Saturday she was on and last night. It was almost painful to watch.
I really hate that. I love when the politicians come on, whether I vote for them or not, and can make me laugh. But McCain is much funnier than Palin. That bugs me when a Politician can't drop the guard for a sec to seem human.

Yay! Hooray! Woohoo! Hahahaha!
Posted Wednesday, November 05, 2008 7:24 AM

To any Democrat that has been subjected to listening to 8 years of hearing why people voted for Bush, this term is for you!
I loved the election coverage last night. I watched it and had I not gotten extremely bad morning sickness from the time Obama was forcasted with 175 and McCain with 76 electoral votes, I'd have been doing cartwheels!
I wouldn't feel quite the way I do if it hadn't been for a carpooler of mine. He is so arrogant. He would bring up Politics in the car and insult Obama, and all the local Democrats. He knew 2 of us are Democrat, but he doesn't care. He doesn't want to engage in debate without name calling. He just wants to bash the Democratic candidate because his church said Obama was the antichrist and that he was a Muslim. What morons! Even his candidate John McCain told his fellow Republicans that Obama was not a Muslim, but people refuse to listen. They believe what makes them feel best about their own candidate.
Anyway, last night during McCains speech, my Mom called and was like, "You are not going to believe what the carpooler is doing." He went out into his yard and was stomping around and he pulled up his McCain sign and started throwing it around the front yard. I was like, are you serious? She said, "He is having one huge hissy-fit!"
When we got in the car this morning, he wouldn't say a word. I got in and said "Good Morning." He wouldn't say a thing back to me. It made me want to laugh. Seriously, I was scared for my life when Bush was elected the second time and I was pissed that one time Al Gore won the election and they gave it to Bush anyway, but I didn't push myself into a tizzy. Some people can't handle an election. It just becomes too much for them.
Anyway, I will say that in the last few weeks of the campaign, McCain really gained a lot of respect from me. I think he is a good man, I just don't agree with his politics. I think it would have been a lot closer if he hadn't choose Sarah Palin as a running mate. I feel like she really sank him. His age was a liability, and Palin was a death sentence to his campaign. I think McCain really went wrong with not being himself from the beginning of the Presidential race. He was by far my favorite of the Republican candidates to begin with because I felt so sorry for him after what Bush did to him in the Primaries while they were both running. He was accused of having a black daughter from an extra-marital affair, when in fact, he had an adopted daughter who was dark-skinned. Bush's campaign spread that rumor and it killed his chances of being the Presidential Candidate back then. I have the utmost respect for people who served their country in the military and I think it showed amazing character to stand up for John Kerry when Bush attacked his military record which lets you know that I really think Bush and his campaigners were one big heaping pile of crap.
Anyway, back to McCain, I have so much respect for him and I hope he goes on to have many more years in the Arizona Senate were he has done good work. This however does not make me the kind of person that would vote for him. I'm liberal (obviously) and I think Obama was the right person for this job and I am so happy to live in this country today.
Last night was History and every American should be proud that we made this kind of progress. I never thought I would see the first Black President of the United States, and I am seeing it as a young woman and I'm astonished by the magnitude of what happened. It is amazing and I love that I voted in this election and I voted for change and progress. America is better than I thought it was. I had my doubts about Obama. Never doubting his ability, but wondering if racism would crush his chances. I am so happy to know that the majority of this country was not affected by race, they were captured by his intelligence and his promises of a better tomorrow. As long as he keeps his promises, I would be proud to have him in the office for 8 years and will gladly do my part to contribute in the next 4 years!
Yay Obama! Yay America! Democrat or Republican, last night, our country looked past race and proved to the world that we are a melting pot and we are changing! A country that changes can grow. America is truly a great place and I hope it can be so much better.
Thank you so much for voting, whoever you voted for and whatever your reasons were! And Thank You Velda City in MO for standing in line for up to 7 hours to cast a vote! Dedication is key to succeeding!

That Was A Bit Scary
Posted Wednesday, November 05, 2008 10:33 AM

I got on the elevator in my building to go downstairs to get breakfast. There are 6 elevators for the 2nd 15 floors where I am located. I got on the elevator and there is one girl already on it. We are both going to the Lobby. When the doors open, we look out at about 15 people staring confused back at us over the trashcans that have been placed in front of the door and the caution tape blocking the doors. We all just kinda looked back and forth. I looked at the girl in the elevator with me and said, "Well I guess we got the broken one."
We got off the elevator once a couple gentlemen moved the trashcans and pulled back some of the tape, the doors shut behind us and there was a sign on the outer doors that said Caution: Elevator Out Of Order While Under Repairs. So they forgot to shut the elevator down for all the rest of the floors. That was a bit scary.

No Motivaton
Posted Wednesday, November 05, 2008 7:02 PM

When Matt is at school in the evenings, I plan all this work to get done. So I planned mopping the kitchen floor, putting new sheets in the spare bedroom, vacuuming, doing the dishes. I was going to go grocery shopping because it is my pay day. Then I was going to take a nice long luke-warm bath (if I wasn't pregnant, it would say scalding hot).
However, I got home, swept and mopped the kitchen, did dishes, pulled the vacuum out of the laundry room closet, set it in the living room. Grabbed the sheets, tossed them in a ball on the guest room bed, sat at the computer and slacked off for an hour and a half. Now I have only 2 hours to get things done before Matt gets home and he had a tough day at work and I was going to have dinner made for him.
I need to not blog so much and start really nesting :)

Posted Thursday, November 06, 2008 10:31 AM

So my BIL and his new girlfriend get in town tonight. I told Matt last night, "I hope I'm skinnier than her." This isn't something I'd usually say, but with a baby belly sticking way out in front of me, I thought it would be funny. Matt told me, "I don't think she's knocked up." I said, "You never know." Hahaha!!!
Anyway, Matt was sick last night. He came home a little early from school. So on top of a bad day at work, the poor dear is hacking his head off, has a runny nose, a fever, body aches, sore throat and I just wish I could do something for him. But I think it is sweet that he is far more concerned with me. If I walk anywhere near him, he pulls his shirt over his face and says, "don't let me breathe on you."
It makes me sad. I haven't had a night without at least one of Matt's kisses in a long time. Plus, whenever he is sick, I normally get him medicine, cook him chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with orange juice. Then I lay in bed with him to rub his head while we watch tv. I made him dinner and got his meds, but I couldn't give him any comfort. He said he doesn't want me to get sick because he knows that if I do get sick, that it will take such a long time for me to get over it.
By the end of the night, his fever was gone and he said his throat was feeling better. I hope he is feeling much better today, I don't want any more nights without hugs and kisses. Plus, I've gotten used to him rubbing my belly and talking to our boys, who have officially been named Ethan Samuel and James Ray Thomas. Also, with company coming, it would be a real shame if Matt didn't get to enjoy his visit with his brother.
Matt just started reading to Ethan and James every night, I don't want to get out of the habit. It feels so sweet when we can lay there as a family while Matt tells them a story. It makes me wonder if after I have the babies, will I miss the way it is now? I know there are worlds of new and wonderful things that happen when the babies arrive, but I really like the way it is. Matt and I are so in love with our sons and they are safe and healthy in my belly.
Everything is going so good. I'm really scared that something could go wrong. If I didn't have my boys, I don't know what I'd do. My world revolves around Matt and these 2 little babies I haven't even met.

Posted Friday, November 07, 2008 7:42 AM

So last night BIL and his girlfriend got to town. She looks exactly like this girl that used to be so hot for Matt in Omaha. I swear. One time when I went up to Omaha to visit Matt for his Birthday, I dropped in to his work to see him and this girl got territorial. She invited us out even though we always told her, "No thank you". She would giggle and make tons of jokes to him and was doing a lot of overtly flirty things, but he didn't reciprocate and she really was not his type.
She was a big book-nerd, not very fun. She dressed frumpy and she was a bit heavier than Matt's taste. But I will not say she was unattractive. Very cute girl actually. Matt could have cared less. I felt kinda bad for her. Anyway, enough about her, just that his brother's new girlfriend looks exactly like her, just about 20 lbs lighter. Same haircut/color, same glasses, same height. Heck, even her style of clothes seemed similar. When they got to the house and she introduced herself, I thought to myself, "No freakin way!" These girls have to be related somehow, it almost seems impossible to not be related when two people look that much alike. I wasn't going to say anything until I talked to Matt.
BIL's girlfriend was really nice. The only thing is, I think she was somewhat in a shell the whole night. She went to the ladies room at the restaurant and BIL said that she was so extremely nervous to meet us. She doesn't need to be, if anything, when meeting new people, Matt and I like to be as accomodating as possible and we are pretty easy going as long as you don't wear shoes on the carpet or spill anything.
In bed last night, I said to Matt, "She seems really sweet." Matt said "Yeah, but did you notice..." I finished his sentence, "That she could be Kerry's freakin twin?" He said, "When she got out of the car, I really thought it was her." I told Matt that when she walked in the house, my gut reaction was to say, "What are you doing here?" So we are going to ask if they are related. It is just too weird.
Anyway, on to the oops. Last night, Matt set his car keys in my purse and guess who has both sets of keys this morning? That's right, I do. Matt called me asking if I knew where they were. I checked my purse and said, "Oh no." Matt hopes his brother will drop him at work today and I will go pick him up after I get off here. I'm in a carpool and can't go drop his keys off. This is bad. We've been meaning to make spares. This may be the thing that finally drives us to do it. Poor guy has to work late on a Friday now. He even bragged last night about how he was on target to get finished with all his work early.

Braxton Hicks and Pregnancy Pleasantries
Posted Monday, November 10, 2008 11:52 AM

These are really killing me, they come and go. I had them last night and they were murder. It made me so uncomfortable. Then today after I got to work I start getting them again. I can practically see my belly contract. I hate, hate, hate this. Please babies, stop kicking Momma and let her uterus just relax!
Matt is really freaking out about them. He hears the word contraction and immediately thinks I'm in labor. I keep telling him, don't worry, it is normal. We just have to make sure they don't become real contractions. But he thinks at this point, the babies are not yet viable and I have to not give birth for at least another 4 weeks in order for the hospital to make a good effort to save the boys. My feeling is that this pregnancy is far from over and Braxton Hicks is just plain annoying.
Also, another beautiful side-effect from pregnancy that I've been getting is terrible, horrible, crippling leg cramps. Last night I had to get up to use the restroom (1 or 6 times) and I had to crawl because my left leg hurt so badly. Sometimes I am just a mess.
Oh and I am so glad I had that lull in the morning sickness because I can look back on it and say, there was a time when my boys really took it easy on me. Because it is about noon and I've already thrown up 3 times today, I can't really claim that the boys have made it easy today.
The one thing I am happy that they did this weekend was play with their Daddy on Saturday. Matt and I were laying on the couch while we had the place to ourselves. Matt was laying in between my legs and was kissing my tummy. And as he is kissing me, my belly moved. Ethan or James kicked Matt in the mouth. Matt jumped like he heard a gunshot and said, "Oh my God, did you feel that?" I was like, heck yeah. He then would tap a couple times on my tummy and the babies would kick back at him.
We went and got IHOP for dinner that night because stuffed french toast with strawberries is one of Matt's favorites and breakfast food for dinner sounded awesome.

My trip to the hospital
Posted Monday, November 10, 2008 10:34 PM

I was planning on posting a happy blog with lots of pictures, instead I post a blog where I tell you all I've been in the hospital on IVs for 3 hours. I have some kind of virus. I should be feeling better tomorrow. The plan is to take it easy for a couple days. Unless I get the wireless internet working tomorrow, I will not be updating for awhile. Don't worry about me though, I'm fine, just had some contractions and I was dehydrated. I also was having some pretty bad stomach pains, but Ethan and James are super kids and they are strong and healthy and staying put inside their Mamma's belly, no doubt about it. That is all that matters. I don't need prayers or worry. I have everything I could ever ask for. I'll talk to you all later.

Couldn't Stay Asleep, So... BELLY PICS!
Posted Tuesday, November 11, 2008 1:09 PM

Ok, I had a blast at the Botanical Garden with Matt on Sunday and we took some nice pictures. I just thought I'd share some.
21w2d Belly Pictures!

Another one!

Worst Possible
Posted Friday, November 14, 2008 7:11 AM

I feel the worst I've felt since being pregnant. I throw up about 3 or 4 times a day and each of those times is more miserable and gut wrenching than in the beginning when morning sickness started.
I finally feel like I have run out of all the energy that once inhabited my body. I am just a shell for these babies to grow and thrive in. I don't know how they are thriving. I can't eat anything except for super-sour candy and the occasional piece of plain white bread. Anything else makes me throw up instantly. I can't eat a vegetable, much less, a prenatal vitamin. I think about all the things I've thrown up recently. Lets take last night for example when I started to feel good and decided to try plain spaghetti. Throwing up is miserable enough, but when you blow your nose afterwards and an entire noodle comes out of your nostril, you really do want someone to just knock you in the back of the head and wake you up after delivery.
I made it to work today and it was hard. So many times I felt like throwing up. I got those feelings where I knew things were coming up, but I just couldn't throw up in the car and it is so terribly embarrassing to ask my carpoolers to keep pulling over. I told my carpooler today, even though it is 40 degrees outside, I need you to turn on your air conditioner. For some reason, super-cold air can stop me from throwing up. It is a temporary fix to get me through gridlock. I hate people who get in car accidents and won't pull their cars over to the shoulder.
I'm just miserable. I get winded wherever I go. I don't have the energy to stand up. Matt has to help me off the couch now or else I just tucker myself out. I'm so darn tired and I can't find a comfortable way to sleep. My belly is so heavy that if I lay on either side, it feels as thought it is ripping away from my body and if I lay on my back, I will suffocate. I wish I could go to the hospital and ask for my epidural now. I just want drugs. Lots and lots and lots of drugs. I don't care if they come out stoned. It will pass. I just feel like I can't freaking do this. I don't want anymore hospital visits or IVs. Those moments when I actually do fall asleep, I dream of being thin again. I dream of my boys, but I am thin and long past having given birth to them.
I want to sleep and eat, and walk, and bend over, and stand up, and take a bath, and wake up and get dressed, and groom myself, and talk to my friends, and see my feet like a normal darn person!

Feeling Good Now
Posted Saturday, November 15, 2008 9:52 PM

Yesterday and really all this past week was miserable. I couldn't stand living the way I was. I was just so tired. I yelled at Matt. The poor guy got yelled at big time. In all honesty, I was just so jealous because he was happy about the babies, feeling good and enjoying life. I couldn't function normally because I couldn't get past my headache and upset stomach.
Matt and I decided to put up the decorations inside the house this Saturday. Then his friend Nick called and they made plans to play guitars together. Then they wanted to play Gears of War 2. So Matt wanted to put up the tree on Friday night. I had to go pick up the baby cribs. So I went to bed with no tree, and Matt stayed up. Later, I woke up sick. Matt came in the bathroom and held my hair. He was so sweet to me. He rubbed my head until I fell back asleep.
When I woke up for real this morning, we got the trees up. I went shopping at the mall and got some cute maternity clothes for the Christmas season. I also bought personalized ornaments for the year. It just felt good. Also, I picked up cheese fries at Outback for lunch and I shared it with Matt when I got home. Then Nick got here and I am sitting here typing this blog while I watch him and Matt play Gears. I'm having a really good day and I just don't want to get sick again. I'm hoping this is the end of the extreme illness. Fingers crossed!

Ready or Not...
Posted Monday, November 17, 2008 7:09 AM

I don't know if I'm up to this week, but I just have to grunt through it. Tonight is the Metallica concert that I bought tickets for to satisfy a dream of my husband's. Other than 2 songs, I'm not a huge fan. I guess I thought they were over-rated. That is just me. I wish Matt's dream would have been to see Rage Against the Machine or Stone Temple Pilots. He probably wouldn't mind seeing those 2 bands play, but they just don't hold the same kind of weight that Metallica does. You see, my husband used to have long stringy hair and spent adolecence getting the crap knocked out of him while headbanging in the 90's. I'm kinda glad I didn't know him back then. He is too. In fact, I never saw a picture of my husband before he was a high school freshman until about 2 months before our wedding.
Anyway, I drive carpool for work this week, so I drove from our suburban home to downtown, will drive back to the suburbs, find Matt's Metallica t-shirt that I packed away in a rubbermaid downstairs, then drive back downtown. Too much back and forth, but for Matt, I'll do it this one time :).
Tomorrow I have some cleaning to do. I didn't feel my best last night because my cousin had cake and ice cream for her 23rd birthday and the icing on that cake was so thick, I spent half the night regretting that I had my one piece. Needless to say, my chores didn't get done. I wish we could put up the baby cribs tomorrow, but Matt will probably be too busy.
Wednesday is my 25th birthday. I will be going out with my parents for dinner. It will be nice. I always give my parents my actual birthday day. Matt has school. So I will probably be home and asleep before he gets there. On the super-bright side, I love spending time with my parents and I get my Maternity coat, which means I will give Matt back his Northface coat. The guy has had to wear his thick suede coat every day because I refuse to wear anything but his favorite and lets face it, none of my coats fit around my belly.
Friday I have an ultrasound scheduled. I'm so happy to see the boys again. I miss their little hands and legs just waving around. I love feeling them, but nothing beats out seeing them wiggle. Friday night I need to go buy my turkey and everything I need for my meal on Thanksgiving. Then on Saturday I have to scrub all the bathrooms down, vacuum, dust, buy a card table to set up for extra seating, then I have to make and bake all the cookies. This leaves me hoping that at least on Sunday, Matt will be able to help me put the cribs together.
This was not the week I had really wanted after being so sick and having been admitted to the hospital exactly a week ago, but I will get by. November is always so busy. I can't wait until Thanksgiving at 7 o'clock. By 7 that evening, I will have served dinner and the only thing to do will be dishes and preparing for my favorite holiday of the year, BLACK FRIDAY!

Babies' First Rock n Roll Show
Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2008 6:58 AM

Yesterday Matt and I went to a rock show. It was fun. We missed the first band, not sure who they even were. The second band I knew because they are a super-group. All the members of the band Down were once in another band. I really only know of the band that the lead singer was in. That was Pantera. I never liked the lead singer. I found him to be highly over-rated, but don't get me wrong. I do enjoy quite a few Pantera songs. This band is nowhere near as good as Pantera, if the were, they wouldn't be an opening act. I swear, even though it made sense for this guy to dedicate a song to the late guitarist of Pantera, I am so sick of every concert I go to, the lead singer has to dedicate a song to Dimebag. He was an amazing guitarist. It was wrong that he was murdered, but I really think bands need to get over it. I was dissapointed though. Most bands like to do their own version of Pantera's Walk, but I still haven't gotten to hear it by the actual freakin singer. Oh, and I don't like the singer because he is a huge racist.
Anyway, Metallica finally took the stage and put on a good performance. It was very loud. I could feel the vibrations through the stadium and we had very, very good seats. I started feeling low kicks to my bladder during the concert and I was afraid that maybe the noise was scaring the babies. I sat down for about half their show and held my jacket over my belly. I know it seems silly, but I wanted to muffle the noise as much as possible. Metallica knows showmanship. They have one heck of a setup. Their timing is amazing, they can get a crowd moving without saying the F-word over and over, which I appreciated. I am the conservative Metal Show follower. The lasers and the flame throwers were really cool to watch.
Matt joined in some random Metallica male bonding. We had aisle seats and while Matt was jumping around and doing the rock n roll fist thing, random people would stop and tap Matt and point at their t-shirts which would have stuff like "Master of Puppets" on it. They'd do the manly head nod, give a "Oh yeah" kind of look and go on to the performance.
Would you believe I had someone touch my belly at the concert! A man too. It was cute though. He was trying to get by and he accidentally bumped into me. Not hard, but heck, it is hard to get around me. He then said, "I'm so sorry," and he put his hand on my tummy for a second and said, "And I'm very sorry baby." Matt gave him a look as he passed. Matt is very protective of this tummy. Matt told me on a couple occasions that he is so, so, so excited that his babies got to hear their first live concert and that it was Metallica.
I probably would have been okay staying at home on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars and going to bed at 9:30 or 10. But seeing how happy Matt was, was so worth the standing and the not getting home until almost 1. It was hard to wake up and drive the carpool this morning, but I do what I've got to do. I am going to treat myself to breakfast out this morning.
Oh, and by far, the most bone-head thing I saw done at the show, something that really pissed me off. A girl smoked her cigarette in the elevator outside the building. There are signs that it is okay to smoke in the garage, but not the freakin elevator. We had to stop on every floor and the stadium was so packed. the elevator was small and had at least 10 people in it. And the girl wouldn't put out her darn cigarette. I zipped my coat up and I was breathing the air inside my jacket for 5 minutes before we all reached the top floor where we were parked. Matt was giving the girl an evil look the whole time. There was an outspoken gal on the elevator though who told the girl who was smoking, "I'm a smoker too but I have enough common sense not to smoke on the elevator. If you burn my hair with that, I am going to kick your @ss." I kinda chuckled at that.

Happy Birthday to Me
Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2008 8:14 AM

This morning, Matt told me Happy Birthday, put his arms around me and sang to me. That was nice. I told him first thing, I wasn't going to give him the chance to forget. I got my present awhile ago. We decided against getting me the iPhone. I'm not that nuts about them. I got that CD which I love. I really like the songs on it and I buy Keane CDs, I won't download them. I buy the hard copy of the artists I love.
I love that he got Keane for me. That band means a lot to me. I choreographed a dance for our wedding to the song Bedshaped, but Matt thought the song was a bit too sensual to dance to in front of our families, so we did Nevertheless buy a different artist. If you've never heard the song Bedshaped, I totally recommend a listen.
Anyway, Matt told me last night that he was thinking that in suppliment to the CD, that maybe on Saturday after we're done baking, putting the cribs together, and cleaning , that we could go get me a body pillow so I can sleep comfortably. I was going to try to go without one, but I think I need it.
So tonight, my parents are taking me to Texas Roadhouse. I better get a free dessert and because I'm pregnant, I will not straddle that silly wooden horse. I am just soooo in the mood for a Kansas City Strip Steak with a loaded baked potato with Chili! Mmmmmmmmm! Their desserts aren't that great, but I've liked chocolate lately and even though I'm not allowed to have caffiene because of cystic breasts, I figured pregnancy gives me an excuse. I was told not to drink or eat anything caffinated years and years ago. I switched to water and everything was alright, so if I drink and eat it now, then go back to years of water, I'm sure my breasts will be fine. Heck, my body is changing so much anyway.
What I want more than anything for my birthday, is to feel my boys roll around today. It makes me happy to know they are in there and thriving. One thing that is far greater this year, than any other, is that I am so in love with Matt and Ethan and James. I have a family of my own. 24 was a big year for me. I was a newlywed, I bought a home, and I'm growing my boys. But now at 25, I get to be a mother. 25 just seems so much older than turning 24. I think it is the stress on my body. I feel older this year.

Can't Wait To Upload The Pics
Posted Friday, November 21, 2008 3:49 PM

My Boys are sooo cute. I had an ultrasound this morning and the babies are looking sooo much like babies. Their profiles are adorable. Baby B has my nose and he has a HUGE PEEPEE. Matt already yelled at me once today for saying that. He said, "Stop talking about our son that way. You are making him an object." I just think he looked so sweet. He was staring at the wand they put on my belly. It was like he was looking at us. You could see his little face. He is such a beautiful little boy. Baby A is so cute. It was a bummer we didn't get as many pictures of him. He was really stretching out. He'd throw his arms up and arch his back and throw his head backwards. I would say, "Streeeeetttttccccchhhhhhh" It was so darling to watch. I was talking to my tummy and told him, "Stretch out little man, you aren't going to have too much more room to do that. Baby A had a heartbeat of 146 and he weighs 1lb 5 ounces. Baby B weighs 1 lb 3 ounces with a heartrate of 152.
I'm just so in love with them. I can't imagine life without them now. I'm so attached to them. I am going to make them Mama's boys as soon as I can. They are just perfect in every way possible. I have to show you Baby B's inbetween the leg picture when I get home to upload the photos. You will be blown away by it. My little guy is going to be a popular little fella.
I just love my boys. So I am making a checklist. I will upload the pictures of my ornament I got made for our tree. The ultrasound pictures. A picture of the tree. The pictures of the cribs with no bedding or anything which is a bummer, I want to put it together asap. I will also post a belly picture. You won't be getting anymore bare belly pics though. I have too many stretch marks now. I have bathed in cocoa butter. So much for that!

I Gotta Get It Together
Posted Monday, November 24, 2008 6:58 AM

On Friday, Matt and I were determined to get everything on our list done and we are so close. About half way through Sunday, we just kinda sputtered out. On Friday, I had every intention to post pics of my belly, my boys and the ornaments I had made. I didn't do any of this. I'm sorry, will try to get around to this tonight. But on Friday, I finally got around to making out bills. I waited too long. You see, I can't do online bill pay. I end up forgetting what I paid and didn't pay and it becomes too stressful. So I got that done. I wrapped Matt's parent's gifts. I straightened everything in the house to get ready for the thorough cleaning for the weekend.
My cousin and I went out to dinner on Friday for our birthdays. She seems to be coping well with the loss of her pregnancy. I hate talking about the boys around her. It becomes so hard to be excited and at the same time, not flaunt my happiness. We had a really nice dinner. The waiter was a bit of a weirdo. Every time he'd stop by the table and we'd ask for something, he'd say, "Yes Dear."
That night when I got home, Matt and I started plotting what we needed to do. I started making a Wal-Mart grocery list and got so tired I almost fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor. That is, until I got so uncomfortable. The babies have started moving up and kicking or punching or doing something where they are under my ribs. I can barely breath when they do that. It hurts like an absolute biotch. I went and laid in bed. Matt rubbed my side which made it feel a lot better.
Saturday, we woke up at about 6. We got up, hung all of our pictures, assembled the cribs, fixed our wireless internet which had stopped working. By Noon, we were ready to go out to run errunds. We went to my parent's house and I bought some groceries from Schwans. Matt moved some furniture with my Dad and my Mom went over with me exactly what I would need for Thanksgiving dinner. Then I went over to visit with my Grandma and accidentally got a peek at the baby blankets she is making for the boys. I didn't want to see them, but while I was over there, I thought I'd help pick up a bit. The second I saw, I put it back down and pretended I never got the slightest look. It was cute as all get-out though!
I then went to the store and did all my shopping! I almost finished, but it was impossible to find a pecan pie. I bought frozen. There is no way for my first Thanksgiving that I'd cook a pumpkin, peach, pecan and dutch apple pie from scratch along with everything else. Matt told me that I didn't have to make all those cookies, if we could just have peanut butter and chocolate chip. So I didn't have near as much baking as I prepped for. Thank the Lord! That evening for dinner I sent Matt to pick up Outback Steakhouse. He also rented my favorite movie to watch when it is cold outside, Goblet of Fire. When Voldemort turned into his old self, I asked Matt if he knew who the character was? He didn't. I said, "You remember the really mean Nazi who would kill people from his balcony in Schindler's List?" He was like, "No way, him, Really? I hate him even more now!" If I'd have said Ralph Fiennes, he wouldn't have had a clue. Matt said, "That guy is an excellent bad guy!" I agree.
On Sunday, I super cleaned the house. Matt kept walking through saying, the house already looks immaculate. I told him that it isn't immaculate until the floors are mopped, the carpets vacuumed, the furniture is dusted, the oven and microwave have to be cleaned and I also did the laundry. By the end of last night I was just so tired I could hardly stay up for True Blood and Dexter. I cannot believe how much I am in love with this season of Dexter. This is their best season yet. And I love me some Dexter.
The only things still pending on the list are buying a turkey platter and a gravy boat. Finding the right size batteries for our glowing ornaments. Getting a lightbulb replacement for the living room ceiling fan and ordering the boy's bedding. After that, I will be able to relax and I think I will only have to vacuum once before the in-laws get here for their visit.

Not So Good Day
Posted Tuesday, November 25, 2008 8:34 AM

It is getting to the point where there is no comfortable way to be. I am constantly in pain because my back hurts so gosh darn much and I'm still throwing up every stupid day. I'm ticked off because I just want to feel good. I ran out of zofran because I thought, "Who the Heck still needs zofran at almost 24 weeks along?" I do. I need it. This stuff is like heroin for pregnant women. I've thrown up 3 freakin times today. I'm miserable and leaning over the toilet with this giant belly just hurts. The heaving just makes this belly feel heavier and heavier.
My Dr.'s office is closed all this week because of the holiday and I'm waiting for Dr. Glass, the covering physicial to call me back. I need my prescription. I just can't take it anymore. I told Matt something last night that made me feel like a terrible mother. I said that I don't want to make it to my due date. I said that the second they are healthy enough to not be in NICU, I want them born and out of me. I feel like crying now that I've said that. I enjoy feeling them kick around most of the time, but lately, it is getting to the point where I am just complaining of pains and sickness all the time.
I don't like the person I am. After the second time I threw up this morning, I was putting on some eyeliner because after I throw up, my face just looks so horrible. I get pink flushed cheeks and I swear it leaves these little wrinkles under my eyes for up to an hour and I get this rash all over my neck and upper chest. I have to wear a bit of makeup to think I'm even remotely decent enough to look at. I asked Matt, "You are done having children after this?" He said he can't see putting me through this again. We still want to adopt our little girl, but I just don't know if this is what I want to think of when I think of my pregnancy. I would love to have a great experience where I have only one baby and my cravings are better and I don't feel sick for the entire thing. But there are no promises that it would be better next time.
I guess I just wasn't built for pregnancy. My body has never behaved so poorly. Matt told me that he has yet to really be a father, that he doesn't know if he can say that it isn't worth doing again until he has his boys. He said that he cannot believe the toll this has taken on my body. I don't sleep more than a couple hours in a row and when I get up to use the restroom or throw up, I just hurt. Moving this big body around is so difficult even though I don't weigh much more than what I did before I was pregnant.
I love my baby boys and in order to have them in my life, I'd do this again in a heartbeat. I just wish I could go to spacecamp and take a nap in a zero-gravity padded room where I don't have to feel the strain of this belly. I just want to float freely and get hours of rest.

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