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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Start of the Holiday Season

Posted Monday, December 01, 2008 9:06 AM

Matt and I went to see the Moscow Ballet last night. It was so much fun. I love seeing the ballet. I know it sounds bland, but it is so beautiful. This is my 6th year of going to the Nutcracker. I've seen the Royal Canadian Ballet perform it, but by far, the Russian dancers are the best. The Moscow ballet doesn't have the same kind of money invested in the costumes or props, but the dancing is so brilliant.
It was a perfect night for it. It was freezing and had been flurrying all day. Matt and I got dressed up and watched. After we left, it was snowing hard and we listened to Christmas music on the way home. It really put me in the Christmas spirit.
Normally, the Black Friday shopping would get me ready for the holidays, but this year, being pregnant made me worried to be out with the crazies. I went to a Wal-Mart Super-Center as my 3rd store and there were cop cars everywhere. No one was killed like that poor employee in Long Island, but there were 2 fist fights back in electronics. One over an x-box 360 and another over a digital camera. I feel so sorry for everyone working retail on Black Friday. I have yet to meet someone who works retail that doesn't want a better job. On this day, I can't imagine a person alive that wouldn't want to quit their retail job.
I think Black Friday exposes the worst in Christian Shoppers. Everyone is out in order to buy that perfect gift and people lose sight of the Holiday spirit. People fist fight over game systems and trample poor retail workers. People are mean-spirited and cut-throat. It is amazing that their aren't more deaths from people getting run down in parking lots because everyone is in a huge hurry and no one cares about anything else except being the first person to get whatever hot ticket item they intend to nab.
I feel bad because I was in line at K-mart for a blu-ray player and a mentally handicapped boy rode up on his bike in the cold. He parked his bike up at the front of the line. He didn't really understand the hub-bub about standing in the line and the rush. When they came out to give the line tickets, he took a ticket for a GPS system. There were people in line who were going crazy about it and the K-mart manager made him give it back. The boy cried and it broke my heart. People need to get a grip when it comes to the Holiday sale. No gadget is so important that you would have to sacrifice being a good person.
I'm happy that the ballet turned out so well. I wasn't sure if I was in the mood for it, but I made myself get up and go. It just felt like the perfect way to end the Thanksgiving weekend and begin the Christmas Season.

Christmas Shopping
Posted Tuesday, December 02, 2008 7:43 AM

I am almost finished now. I bought my last girl from the giving tree all of her stuff. I turned in the gifts for my other kids and I stuck to $90 a piece. For this girl though, I went a little overboard.
I decided to go to Wal-Mart to buy her stuff because I can really stretch a dollar there. I was so excited. I bought her a pair of blue jeans, a sweater dress, leggings, (fake) uggs, a cute lei white shirt with heart shaped buttons, a big puffy white coat with a pink knit sock hat and matching gloves. I also got her an ornament full of bangles, a portable electric heater with a kick-off function so it can't catch fire. I got a lip gloss set, a box of chocolates, a big fuzzy blue pillow, a big microplush blanket for her bed and a really awesome fuzzy blanket made of faux fur and it is bright purple.
I hope she really likes the stuff I got her. I wish I could see the kids' faces when they open the gifts, but that is a selfish thing to want. I called Matt last night and I was positive I was going to be in trouble for going over my budget. I told him I spent $140 on her. I was waiting for the, "Mandy, we don't have that kind of money, this is the 3rd kid for Christmas we've bought for." But he said, "These are kids whose parents can't afford a nice Christmas?" I said, "Yep." He said he was glad I got her such nice stuff. I swear, I am going to break the bank this year with buying for these kids.
I have to admit, I was most excited about the Christmas I bought her. The other kids I bought for got PJs and teddy bears and blankets, slippers, bath sets, and a candy assortment and portable heaters too, but I just couldn't stop myself this time around. I told Matt that I am happy I bought for all girls this year because next year when we have the boys, I will probably only buy for one other kid and I will probably try to buy for a boy who is our boys' age. Buying for girls this year was so much fun.
That being said, I have only a few more gifts to buy. I have my Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa on my Dad's side, my best friend, my cousin's husband, and my carpoolers. Then I have to buy stuff for Matt's stocking. I can't believe I've waited this late this year. Usually Black Friday would be my last shopping day, not my first!
Also, I bought rubber duckies for the boys for next Christmas. One rubber ducky has reindeer antlers and the other ducky is dressed as Santa. I can't wait until Ethan and James' first Christmas. I want to take my little boys to see Santa so badly. I want to buy babies first Christmas everything, but I am demonstrating restraint this year because I want to buy them things only once I start to get to know them. Right now, the only thing I know is that they like to kick.
Listening to me ramble, you'd never know I was up half the night throwing up with contractions and was thinking about going to the hospital. Luckily everything subsided and I got some good sleep. I'm happy I had Matt to be my nurse last night. He rubbed my sides, which seems silly, but getting the sides of my belly rubbed helps so much with my discomfort.

24weeks 5days Pic
Posted Wednesday, December 03, 2008 7:22 PM

When the boys get big, we all get big. I love the babies, but I feel like I'm starting to waddle more than walk. That is a bit embarrassing.

Posted Friday, December 05, 2008 9:52 AM

My babies kickboxed their Daddy last night. It was the cutest thing. I've been feeling my little guys kick around for quite some time, and Matt has felt them move around a bit, but it is one of those things where he has been disappointed because he can never tell if it is really them or if it is just him wanting it so bad, that he's fooling himself. I can't tell for sure. I think he's felt it for real a couple times, but then at other times, I think he has made it up in his head.
Last night while we were in bed, I was laying on my right side. The right side is where the boys would normally hang out, but lately, they've been rolly-polly and moving everywhere. Matt was laying behind me and he had his hand on my left hip. I said, "Why don't you try to feel your boys?" He said, "I never know if I am really feeling them. I always think I am, but I just don't know." He moved his hand on my belly and had his arm draped across my bump. He had it there a few minutes and said, "I can't feel a thing." I told him that he had to be patient. Usually after a few minutes of me laying down, the boys will get going. Just after I said that, one of these babies kicked me so hard, I lost my breath and Matt jumped back and was like, "Oh my God, Did you feel that?" I was like, "Uh-huh." He put his arm back on my tummy and the babies didn't kick at his hand, but I was feeling multiple kicks at his arm.
It was so funny. Matt was giggling. He was saying, "I am really feeling them." All I could say is, "Me too." I'm so glad he got to feel it. Those were by far, the hardest kicks I've ever felt. It was really cool. I guess my boys are starting to get strong. Next Friday I get my GD test. I hope I don't have GD, but if I do, I guess I will just deal with it. I want big babies, but not, too big babies.

James Bond
Posted Sunday, December 07, 2008 11:05 AM

It was the 'Cans' Film Festival at the movie theater. It is where you donate 5 canned goods to the Salvation Army and you get a movie ticket before 5pm. Matt and I decided to go see Quantum of Solace. I love it. It wasn't quite as good as Casino Royal, but it was entertaining. I think it got to be too Bourne at times with the cutting back and forth in action scenes which leaves the viewer thinking, "What the heck is going on!?!"
Anyway, I love to look at Daniel Craig and I stand by my previous statement that Daniel Craig has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Never saw that color blue before him. I don't know why I find him so attractive, but he's got that something.

Also, I almost love the song, "Another Way to Die" by Jack White and Alicia Keys. I was telling Matt, I've always loved Jack White's voice. I think it is so unique and there are so few songs from him and his numerous bands that I don't like. I said that Alicia Keys has a great voice, but when it comes to this song, I think it doesn't suit her and she should just leave it to Jack. So last night, I had a dream that I worked for Alicia Keys and I had to clean her houseboat. I don't know why pregnancy dreams are so weird, but I figure that was payback for liking Jack White more.
And one last cute thing. Both boys were kicking alot during the movie. Matt had his hand on my belly the whole time. It is so cool that they decide to be mobile during a Bond movie since one of our little guys is named James after the most awesome character in espionage and Ethan is names from the Mission Impossible movies. We are so happy that our little boys like their spy action. I know that I always did. It was so hard to convince my girlfriends while I was in middle school to come to the movies to see GoldenEye with me on my birthday!

Super Husband
Posted Monday, December 08, 2008 9:42 AM

Last night, we stopped at a few different department stores and we just walked around while he asked me to point things out that I want so he can buy me what I want for Christmas. It was so sweet. Then we went out to eat. Also, he gave me a gift that was so cute. He bought me something for our little boys.
It is so adorable, He bought me these as a present for our babies. They are both in Newborn size. He got me them in Panama Blue. I just about cried when he gave them to me
I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful day, but I fell asleep last night with Matt's hands on my belly and it just felt like such a sweet end to a wonderful day. Things couldn't have been more perfect. I'm not high maintenance, so days like that aren't something I'd ever think to ask for, but it was amazing that he thought I deserved it.

Bridal Shower/Baby Shower/Work/Work/Work
Posted Tuesday, December 09, 2008 12:27 PM

I have so much to do lately. I'm just so tired. There were massive problems at work yesterday the internet didn't work for 2 hours. Then all our company applications were down the entire day. E-mails didn't work. All because a 24 inch pipe burst and flooded the room with our servers. It was a big fiasco. I was working like mad trying to get things done.

After working a bit of OT yesterday, I got home and wanted to vent a bit online, but the internet at home didn't work. That was about as frustrating as it gets.
I have to get my invitation list together for my baby shower and turn it over to my mother who will turn it over to whatever friend is running this covert operation. On top of that, I really need to contact the other Bridesmaids in my best friend's wedding to schedule a get-together.
I also really need to go grocery shopping tonight. I got Long John Silvers for dinner last night because I love their chicken planks. I thought, if I'm craving it, I will be able to keep it down. I couldn't even take a bite. I held the chicken plank in my hand and brought it up to my mouth and I started dry-heaving. It was awful. It had to be psychological, otherwise, why would I not even be able to get it on my tongue? I wanted it so badly. Now I am wondering if after I give birth, will my head let me eat some freakin chicken?
Oh, and I can feel my boys stretching inside me now. I swear, it is like my tummy tries to move in very odd ways without my doing. I can't wait until Friday when I get to see my little ones again. These boys are the best thing in life right now. I just need to remember that the reason Mommy works hard is to make sure they can go to Ivy League Universities one day.

To FedEx or not to FedEx
Posted Wednesday, December 10, 2008 11:41 AM

One of Matt's friends from when he was growing up is getting married this Sunday. We planned on going and we have bought the gift and have it wrapped and sitting on the kitchen counter. The thing is, I just want to stay home and sleep.
It seems like this weekend is going to be busy. I am going to have my GD test on Friday, then I have a happy hour that night followed by coming home to help Matt with the boys' room. Then on Saturday, I am having my sister out to the house and I'm keeping her the whole night. Then we were supposed to drop her off at my parent's house early, drive the 4 hours to Branson for their wedding that is up in the mountains. I read about the church, they boast that their church has a parking lot very far away and you have to nature walk to get to the darn thing. I immediately thought, what about the disabled? Anyway, I am going to be 26 weeks along with twins going on a freakin nature walk in the mountains. I think it screams disaster.
The thing is, Matt was really good friends with the groom, him and his twin brother. I remember them as always being really nice guys. It would be cool for Matt to get to see them again because they have been away at school. Matt doesn't want to go alone, and I don't want him to either. I just wish the wedding was in town, because we are turning around and driving home after the reception. 8 hours in the car on Sunday :(
I was just thinking that maybe we could FedEx the gift and say we are sorry that we can't make it. But I feel guilty because both twins came to our wedding. They were so excited to hear of our twin boys on the way. I would be very proud to have sons that turn out like the both of them. They are great guys. It would be fun to go see them, just difficult.
And speaking of twin boys, the little ones are consistently kicking. Little James and Ethan haven't given me a peaceful hour in days, always little taps to remind Mommy that she's never alone anymore. And I only have 100 days left of being pregnant if I give birth on my due date, so most likely, I have less than 100 days of being pregnant. Pretty cool!

Passed out on the Table
Posted Friday, December 12, 2008 3:13 PM

I took my GD test today. I don't get results unless my iron is low or my blood sugar is high. Immediately after my blood draw, I had to go to my ultrasound. I made it through Baby A, then onto Baby B. I told the tech, "I'm feeling very dizzy" She told me to roll on my left side. I really thought that I was, at least I remember starting to, then the next thing I remember is my Mom holding my head up and smacking me in the cheek.
It was really strange. I remembered thinking, the sound is awful foggy and muffled. Then, I felt like I was asleep and asleep peacefully. When I woke up, I swear, it was so sudden. The light in the room stunned me. My Mom said when I came to, that I jerked up. The tech got me a banana and crackers in the break room. She said in combination with the glucose test and me laying on my back for baby A, that she thinks that my blood sugar dropping with the blood cut off to my heart just made me go right out.
But in good news, I am 26 weeks along. Baby A and B have great heart rates. Baby A is 2 lbs1 ounce, and Baby B is 1 lb 15 ounces. Baby B has turned to feet down and is no longer in competition for first born. I hope he at least has the room to flip back over by birthing time. Baby B had his butt in Baby A's face so we couldn't get a good profile shot of Baby A, but I will say this again, "Both Babies, definitely ALL BOY"
And during my Dr appointment, they measured my tummy and they said that if this was a singleton pregnancy, I'm measuring at 33 weeks along. It is crazy to think of that, but I've got twice as much baby in here and I just can't wait to meet them.

We Didn't Go
Posted Sunday, December 14, 2008 5:26 PM

We didn't go to the wedding today. I feel a little bad, but at the same, they didn't send out formal RSVPs for the invitations. I apologized via Facebook, the same way I RSVP'd. We are just going to send the gift.
To be honest, being in the car that long would have killed me. After Friday's fainting spell and the killer headache that followed, there would have been no way I'd make it.
On top of that, Matt's boss told him that he had to work today or stay late on Monday because, in his boss' words, "We've let you have so much time off for school." Grand total for the sememster was 4 hours. So it didn't matter that Matt worked 12 hours OT this week, he had to go in either today or Monday night (the night of his final) because he took off 2 hours early one day this week. Matt was ticked, but it made me feel good that I wasn't the sole reason we had to miss the wedding.
Oh, and it makes me feel a lot better that we didn't drive into the mountains today. There is a huge winter storm rolling into our area tonight. I used today to bake cookies and communicate with fellow bridesmaids for my best friend's wedding shower. I'm at my parent's house right now while Matt is wrapping my Christmas presents at home and I'm giving him quiet homework time.
And I wanted to say one thing about baby registries. They are super-hard to put together. I need to do it soon before I get a bunch of stuff I don't want. I have Babies R Us almost finished, but I also need to get Target and Wal-Mart done. If I'm not snowed in tomorrow, then I am going to try to do them tomorrow while Matt has his final. This weekend seemed so quick. Oh well, back to yet another week.

So Unhappy
Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2008 10:46 PM

I just don't know what is wrong with me. I get so sad lately. Very sad. I don't think about killing myself, but I do think about what would happen if I were to die. I wonder if the people in my life would be better off. I know it sounds horrible, but I think of what Matt could do with the insurance money. I just think about, what if I die while giving birth. Everyone would be sad, but they would have my boys and maybe that would make up for it.
I've always had trouble bonding with people. I am a person with a lot of friends, but not too many are close. I don't like letting people too close. I had tons of close friends in high school and I ended up being alienated after a bunch of my girlfriends started dating the guy I was was madly in love with after he broke up with me. I know that sounds silly and crazy to hold a grudge against close companions and friends for something that happened so long ago, but I had a very rough time with it and I did some crazy things back then, all in the name of getting even.
I have Matt, and that is great. I love him with all my heart, but he is so busy lately. He has a lot to do and I understand that spending a lot of time together isn't possible. I guess it is just the holidays that makes it hurt to not be able to go out with him. I always liked being taken out. Now, I just do things alone because Matt works such long hours. He finally finished school, but all the time he used to be in class and studying, he now works on his portfolio. It makes sense. I'm just tired of being lonely. I talk to myself an awful lot.
People say I shouldn't be so unhappy. I am going to be a mother to two healthy baby boys. I have a good job that pays for a great house which I got to decorate. I have a husband who loves me, who says I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. I just wish I had him with me more to enjoy the amazing life I'm leading.
Oh, and tomorrow marks the start of my third trimester. Yay for being close to the end.

There Was a Kink in My Think Yesterday
Posted Thursday, December 18, 2008 9:17 AM

That is about the best way to describe how I felt. It really sucks when you are miserable, but you have no desire to rip yourself out of the funk. I spent all yesterday thinking about right after my wedding. I thought about being thin and wearing a swimsuit. I now have a huge belly covered in stretch marks all along my lower abdomen. I thought about how Matt and I would go out and get margaritas and have tons of fun at parties. I was thinking about the weekend we got back from our honeymoon, we went to a concert and acted young and crazy. These days have all passed.
Dear lord, I'm making myself upset again. Anyway, I just feel like I'm this whole new person over the course of a year and it is so hard to get used to. I think that when the babies are here, I will be busier with taking care of them and I won't have the time to think about being lonely. It feels like right now, I'm busy, but there is this sense of, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. Matt being busy and not making time for us was just making me upset. It isn't as though he makes time for himself, but at the same time, I just wish the portfolio could wait one night. I completely shut down yesterday. Matt tried to make things better, but I was just in this lathargic state where all I did was get all up in my head, wallowing in self-pity. It was just stupid. I didn't want him to make things better last night. I felt like I was on the brink of tears, but they just wouldnt come, and then there was more waiting, "When would I feel just slightly more sad, enough to actually let out what I was feeling?"
I love Matt, and I wish I felt a bit more like I did before I found out about having the babies. There is this thing I always remember when I get sad for no explanation. I think of it because I refuse to be called depressed. If I have a problem, it can be fixed. That little bit of information I throw into my own face whenever I think this could be depression, is that most of the people who are depressed are the most fortunate people in this world. You never hear of people who are really in need, suffering from depression. I believe it is the determination a person feels to better themselves, that gives them a reason to not feel that depression. Complacency is the biggest problem. When someone gets too comfortable, they have more time to contemplate concepts of Happiness and Depression. When I feel depressed, I just think to myself, you have to snap out of this, Do something, do something, do something. Depression really is a kink in your think, and maybe the only way to get over it is to find the right medicine or activity that can pull you outside of you head for awhile.
So this was my lame attempt to say that today, I've burried myself in work and I absolutely refuse to think about being lonely.

So Close, and Yet...So FAR
Posted Friday, December 19, 2008 9:31 AM

The Remote control that operates the cable box. Why is it that I always accidentally grab the remote for the television and not the universal remote? I was watching TV last night and wanted to flip the channel. I couldn't. The good remote was sitting up by the television. I did the only thing that made sense. I turned the TV off and took a nice nap.
The post office next to my work. For a USPS location I can see from my office, I have to walk an awful far way to get there. I have to walk around the entire floor of my building to the elevators. Then I have to get off on the Mezzanine, walk around the floor to the escalators, go through security and loop back around to the doors. Once outside, I walk only 1 block over. But it isn't like it is easy to get in that building. I have to go up the escalators and then I can travel back.
The trip to the post office really had me winded this morning. I wanted to pass out on my desk when I got back.
So that was my little rant on how, when you are (big) pregnant, you just wish everything was closer. Oh, and one last little thing that I notice myself doing, is getting upset that there is no expecting mother parking anywhere anymore. Every time I am walking from the back of a parking lot into a store and I see a young person getting into their car in a close spot, I can't help but get extremely jealous.
In good news, I 'think' I don't have Gestational Diabetes. My Dr's office told me last week on Friday that it would take 2 days to find out the results. They would call me if my iron was too low or my sugar was too high. And here I am, one week later and no phone calls. I went to the office last night to get a preservative-free flu shot and I asked them about the results. They said, "If no one called you, then you are free and clear." I passed the 1 hour test. I feel like I defied the odds. Twins makes you more likely to have it and I don't. I really think God threw me a bone. I wish they would have told me the number though.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend. If you are traveling for the holidays, drive or fly safe. I'm not sure how much I will be on for the next week. If I don't write before then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays no matter what what you celebrate!

Been Crying So Hard
Posted Sunday, December 21, 2008 1:56 AM

I'm not a big animal person by any means. I was so mad yesterday when Matt said he was bringing home a stray cat he caught at work. The cat is completely feral, but it is young, probably between 4 and 6 months. Matt caught the cat in a trap at his work. I told him last week when they caught their first cat that I don't want one and I'm glad he didn't bring it home. So he says on Friday, that he brought this cat home because he thought I'd like it.
Last night, I yelled at Matt after his friend left the house. I'm not the type of person to start crap in front of his friends and embarrass him, but I don't want to just disregard that he made a decision without my knowledge, while he knew that I didn't want a cat. He started saying fine, we'd get rid of it, take it to the humane society since it is scared to death of us and won't get out of his or her hiding spot in the garage. I put out some bologna, milk, and water . She or he had some last night. I also made him or her a bed out of blankets and put the shirt I was wearing out with him/her. I feel responsible for the cat now and I can't bring it to the humane society. She's so scared, they'd put her to sleep because she's not a sweet outgoing cat.
Matt mentioned on our way driving to the country this morning that she got a tooth in him last night while he was getting her/him in the cage. My Mom is so afraid that the cat, and now my husband has rabies. I had spent the whole night and then today thinking of how to socialize the cat. I wanted to buy her/him a ball of yarn to chase around. I was thinking about names for him/her. I was going to take her/him in on Tuesday to get shots and see if I could schedule a spayed (sp) or neuter. Now Matt is talking about getting the cat checked for rabies. That would mean euthanizing her and then sending his/her head to the lab.
I've been crying so hard. I don't want Matt hurt, but this kitty, I didn't even want and now, after I've grown to feel sorry for her/him, might be taken away. The poor cat isn't acting loopy, just terrified and hiding. She/he is a sweet looking little thing. Very pretty kitty. In one day, she was trapped in a cage, taken from her/his brothers and sisters and Mom, brought to a strange place with strange looking people when she just wanted to get some food.
Oh my gosh, big upper: Matt was on the phone as I blogged this at 2am on a Saturday night with the physician at his Dr's exchange. We have to observe the cat for 10 days and if she/he doesn't go through the furious stage or die within the 10 days, both my kitty cat and my husband will live. I didn't even want the cat, but what I wanted far less was my husband to have rabies and the pet that my husband brought me, although shy and timid, I didn't want her/his head cut off. I kinda like her, she/he's Caleco colored. I don't really know if it is boy or girl. Most calecos are girls, so I assume girl. Anyway, it is 2am and I'm tired and just got done crying, blogging over, kitty lives! Hopefully she/he will let us be around her tomorrow because Matt and I plan on spending the evening in the garage and talking and acting non-threatening.

Curious, Like a Cat, about a Cat
Posted Sunday, December 21, 2008 10:46 PM

Okay, so we've got our our kitty in the garage. We cleared out most everything she can hide behind. I bought some warmer blankets for her bed and she has been laying in there all day. It is so cold outside. Our garage isn't the warmest, but outside, it is like 3 degrees. I'm so happy we've got her inside and she doesn't have to be wild out there in the frigid cold and howling wind.
Matt and I got her a little eco-friendly space heater. It heats for 4 hours and turns itself off. It doesn't get too hot and it has a kick off safety switch. I just want kitty to be okay. Matt and I spent about 2 hours bundled up outside in the garage with her today. We sat in a blanket away from her. At first, she couldn't keep her eyes off of us. She hunkered down in her bed and looked scared. After about an hour, she didn't decide to check us out or anything, but we consider it a major step that she started looking at her food and closed her eyes, not paying attention to us.
I read outloud in the garage. I just want her to get used to my voice. I figure reading out loud is good for the kitty and the boys, who have been moving and kicking like mad lately. The boys are the best. They just moved around like crazy all weekend. The whole family got to put their hands on my belly and feel them move around at least once.
Anyway, my cat has me a little curious. The garage has no windows, so the cat is completely confined. We still have her under 10 day observation, but I think she will be fine and not have rabies. She acts like a lucid animal. My big question is, to make her comfortable, should I leave the light on in the garage at all times for her, or should I give her darkness at night. I don't want her getting irritable because it never gets dark, but I also don't want her to think that when I come in the garage and flip the light on in the morning, that light is her signal to run and hide from us. Do I need to give her more light variation?

Watching Matt Sleep (PIP)
Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 8:27 AM
So yesterday, Matt and I had our time with our cat, but we also woke up early and went to breakfast, church and my sister's church play. By about 2, we were home and Matt was really beat. He went to go take a nap and I played on Facebook. About and hour later, I walked in the bedroom and saw him sleeping in a rather funny way. Well, after about another hour, I went and got my camera. I thought this was funny.
YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Chirstmas!
Posted Thursday, December 25, 2008 9:42 AM

I've already had an awesome Christmas. Matt and I stayed the night at my parent's house. They drank cocoa spiked with Sgt Peppermint last night and I was so bummed that I couldn't have one. Instead of watching another Christmas movie last night after "It's a wonderful life" We watched Jurassic Park. It was fun. Oh, but earlier on Christmas Eve, we all went and watched 4 Christmases, then we had dinner at PF Changs. Before we came over to my parents house that night, Matt and I went home, took showers, had some Christmas sweet time together, and gave Winks, our cat, a can of Tuna for Christmas. I can sit right next to her now without her freaking out. It is progress.
This morning, my sister woke me up at 6. She always wakes me up to go get my parents before she goes in the living room. Just our way of making sure that Santa came before she finds out :). Matt and I got a Sony Blu Ray player. We got 2 bar stools. I got some tan colored Uggs and they are so cute!!!!! I got a couple future Mandy sweaters, a tennis bracelet. Matt got me a car charger for my iPod, and sooo many movies. I also got this really cool leather purse. Matt got a bunch of sweaters, and I got him Guitar Hero World Tour. He is already playing it. And Matt's big gift to me was a really nice camera. It is such a nice camera, that I have no idea how to even take a picture on it. He also scheduled us to take a class on how to work it (which is very good).
Also, we got a bunch of bibs, little boy cardigans, and little rattles. It is too adorable. Also, my parents figured out what they want to be called because all the gifts were to Ethan and James, from Grammy and PopPop!
Oh, we also got a new set of dishes, a grandfather clock, and a turkey roaster. There is one more Christmas celebration left, then TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!
No Big Kicks
Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 11:10 AM

I haven't had a big kick since 2 days ago. I feel them in there every now and then, but those big kicks are exciting and they really get me thinking about the future.
I feel like I have been a total slacker lately. I haven't posted much on my blog, and went 2 weeks without checking my email. I don't have the boys room to a place I want it and I was not cleaning like my usual OCD self. On Saturday, I planned it to be my kick it into gear day. I then spent the day throwing up. In one particular incident, I was getting up out of the floor of my bathroom in front of the toilet and blowing my nose at the same time. I passed right out and took a nice unconscious nap in the bathroom floor.
Anyway, last night, I vowed to myself that I will be better. I need to get back on the horse, so to speak. Yesterday, I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, Finished my registries, got the paint swatches for the walls in the boys room. I priced out how much paneling I will need for the lower walls in the nursery. I bought stuff to do my arts and crafts projects for the boys. I had decided to give the boys a completely unique nursery so I can't even give you ideas of the room. It is all in mine and Matt's heads. I hope that when we splash it on the walls, that it turns out to be the same vision and a good one at that.
I'm getting close to 29 weeks. It just seems crazy to have almost made it to 30. Matt was saying last night that I could go at 36 weeks and they would be fine. That sounds positively crazy to me and I'm really hoping I go longer. I want to make it to 39. And believe me, there is a reason. Matt and I inadvertantly timed these babies out (hopefully) perfect. You see, his Grandfather and him share the same birthday, March 14th, the babies are due on the 20th. It would be so cool to have 3 different generations celebrating each other, even if they aren't consecutive generations. Also, I am in a wedding on March 28th, cutting it close. So I need my 2 weeks, from March 14th to the 28th to heal and stand up for my best friend (Don't worry, we have a backup plan if I just can't do it). But at the same time, I cannot have these babies too early because of stuff with my job. Their might be some mandatory 7 day a week, 12 hour days coming up in April and that could last for lord knows how long. If I could get to the 14th, I'll have a buffer of not having to work those weeks for maybe 3 or 4 of them since I get my 6 weeks off regardless of what work is doing. By then, it might be over and I wouldn't have to worry about finding time for picking up the babies from my Mom's house, finding time to be with the boys and being able to breastfeed and pump for them. So you see, the 14th is when I really need to give birth, I pray to God I can do it. I have confidence in this body, but my Lord, the pressure is on.
I love that lately, my boys had been playing a game with me. They would give me a kick and I'd give them a tap, then they'd give me another kick, and so on and so on. Now, all the little things I feel are low, and when we are in public I'm not tapping myself there. Haha! Plus, I guess they are starting to run out of room. I read that the big movements will decrease because they don't have the space to get leverage. It makes me so sad because it feels like this just started and it was so nice to lay in bed with Matt's hand on my belly and play our game as a family.
I was telling Matt, I can't wait to have them here. I could go back to having a more normal body. I just want to take care of my boys and I think the thing I am most excited about lately, is thinking 'what funny little things will our boys first love to say.' I know when I was a baby, I would waddle around saying bookaba, booka-booka-bookaba. My sister would say boingo-boingo-boingo. I just can't wait until I get to see and hear the cute things that I know I will always remember. I hope this is a house full of giggles from 2 happy babies in this coming year.
If I don't get to write another blog before New Year's Eve, my resolution will be to get down to the weight I was at my wedding after the babies are born, and to be the greatest Mommy I can be to my little guys, and still be a good wife to Matt.
Oh, and something I remember from Edmo's blog before Boli got hear, I remember that she said that she watched Jersey Girl and it is probably a bad movie for pregnant women to watch. Add to that list, the British film, Jack and Sarah, Matt and I cried our eyes out the other day thinking about how I could very well die from all this. It is just too sad to think about at times.
The Big 2-8-0
Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 1:05 PM

So this is going to sound dumb to most of you because hey, it sounds dumb to me, but Matt is freaking the heck out about his weight. Last night, we were lying in bed together in minimal attire. You would think it would be a much more humbling experience for me, being bigger than ever before and covered in stretch marks, but Matt is the one with body image issues.
We went out to eat on the 23rd this month to a restaurant where an old friend works. We hadn't seen him in months after him and his girlfriend split. We said Hi, and even though we didn't choose sides in the breakup between him and his girlfriend, Matt works with his ex and we just see her more often, so it was awkward. We don't talk about him for days, but last night, Matt said, his ex had a date that she was talking about on Friday. I said, good for her. He said, "You know what bothered me? She said, "It was nice to go out, have fun, and not have that 280 lb tumor attached at my hip."" I said, "Okay, well that is good, she's getting over him." He said, "You don't see my point, he weighs 280 lbs. That is so unhealthy." I said "yeah", he said, "I'm not far off"
I was like, babe, you weigh 215, you are taller than him and a lot more muscular. He was like, it is just too close. I was like, "He weighs 65 freakin lbs more than you. That isn't close!" He then turned over and said, "You just don't get it." I said something along the lines of, Baby, if you want to lose some weight, that is fine, but I don't think you are in nearly as bad of health as he is. I love you and I think you are sexy.
I guess this is a resolution thing. He is almost a father and he wants to make sure that he is in good shape. He wants to be an athlete for the boys to look up to, and he doesn't realize he already is. I hope he doesn't stay down on himself too long, the more he talks about his body, the more I analyze mine, and I'd prefer not to look too much until a few weeks after the boys arrive.
Posted Tuesday, December 30, 2008 6:09 AM

I'm so scared for my kitty right now. Matt and I had her appointment to take her in the vet today. We still have the appointment, but the reason has changed. She has a hurt front paw and we didn't even know it. She would never get up and walk around us and all instructions told us not to push her too much when it comes to petting her so we never got close enough to her to notice that it looks like she broke her leg quite awhile ago and it has healed poorly. I'm so afraid at what they might suggest and the cost of it.
Matt and I are sad, but Matt keeps saying, if they suggest an expensive surgery, I just don't know if we can justify milking our savings when we have the boys due in 2 months. I know that is the smart way to look at it, but I just don't want to give up on her. I did some research and saw costs of surgery in all sorts of places. It varies a lot. I am prepared to hear anything when we go in. I wouldn't mind if they suggested amputation. I have seen plenty of pictures of 3 legged cats and everyone says when they get it done young, that they don't even notice the leg is gone. Plus, she doesn't use the leg at all anyway, I just don't want the poor kitty in pain from it.
I'm just so terrified that the vet is going to suggest a costly surgery that Matt and I can't afford to spend on the cat when we have a ton going on.
Goodish News
Posted Tuesday, December 30, 2008 8:38 AM

Okay, no breaks in the leg, but the appt wasn't pretty. The reason her leg looked all deformed was because she was bitten in a couple places on that leg by another animal. It was infected and she had giant puss-filled pockets. They drained them at the appointment. Ick, it made me sick to watch. I just have to give her an antibiotic 2 times a day for a week and she should be good as new.
Also, since we weren't positive she was a boy or girl since she hadn't let us get too close without curling into a ball, the vet ended up bringing her out of the room to draw blood, but brought her back in holding her like a baby and told us, "It's a girl!" I was so happy. We thought she was a girl because she's all Calico colors, but we weren't positive. Now we know. She is my first girl kitty.
Also, the cost of the appointment today which was $40, was taken out of her kitten care package. And because we rescued her, they knocked off 20% of the kitten package. So all in all, the total care was only $107 dollars, plus 20 bucks for the antibiotic. That means that in one week, we go back in for the rest of her shots and we owe nothing, then a month later, we go in again to get her boosters, and the only thing we'll pay for then is to get her spay, which is only $77 dollars.
I was so afraid that she was going to need major surgery from the looks of the leg last night. I'm so glad that those looks were deceiving. Winks will no longer have a gimpy leg and she won't need to be a tripod. I'm thinking the poor kitty deserves a can of tuna today. I'm glad her care was cheap.

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