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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Formula Annoyances

The boys take Similac Sensitive. We used to get enough of it for free from the Doctor's office, but now, the boys eat so much, we find ourselves buying formula all the time. I really like the similac in the plastic tubs. It is silkier than the kind that comes in the can. It just seems so much fresher and I think it mixes better in the bottles.
Anyway, the Walgreens by my house has the kind of Similac that we use about 50% of the time. When they do have it, and I go to check out, I get tons of Good Start coupons! I hate that. You would think a company that makes baby formula knows that they will not get customers by giving Moms a lousy coupon to switch their babies' diets and possibly cause the babies stomach discomfort. It is just so annoying. I hate all the good start coupons.

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