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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday was So Rough

Work was super busy, so when I got home, I was thrilled. I have pictures to organize in albums and get put in frames. I had a plan. Well, I get a call from my Mom who asks if I talked to Matt yet? I said "No"
She said that he knows the whole story of why she is really upset. I asked what was wrong, and she dished her story.
My Mom took the boys to Wal-Mart yesterday and she ran into one of her old co-workers who was excited to see the babies. This co-worker was oogling Ethan, and only Ethan. Ethan was eating up the attention and acting quite charming, and this made James upset. He started pushing out the booboo lip and he cried. My Mom was kinda mad at the friend for only paying attention and complimenting the one baby, so when my Mom walked off with the boys, she cuddled James and told him how beautiful he is too.
A bit later in the trip, my 12 year old sister was pushing the boy's stroller and she got a bit ahead of my Mom. My sister was startled when an older man came up behind her and grabbed her arm. My sister screamed and My Mom ran up to her. The man was trying to stop her so he could see the twins. He was there with his wife.
The man pointed at Ethan and said, "Oh, he's the cute one." My Mom and Mads said, "They are both cute." The Man's wife said, "Oh, they are precious little boys." Then the man points at James and said, "That is a girl." My Mom said "No, He's a boy." The man, still pointing said, "Why doesn't that one have hair?" My Mom pushed Mads to keep walking and they just left. My sister was upset and started crying, aside from feeling like James was insulted, when the man grabbed her arm, she was frightened. She said she thought that someone was trying to abduct her and the boys. The whole trip was so upsetting.
My Mom told me that when the boys get home, give James a little extra love. It is so hard having twins. When one baby has a rough day, you want to give him all the extra love and attention to make up for it, but all that extra love comes at the cost of not spending equal time with your other baby. Having twins this age is so difficult, you are constantly monitoring yourself to make sure you don't accidentally play favorites. I love my boys the same, I'd give anything for either of them. And I'd give anything for an extra set of arms so I could hold both my babies at the same time and love on them simultaneously (without annoying them with the split attention). I hope when they get older and they can play more with each other, it will be easier to spend time with the 2 of them instead of one at a time.
After talking to my Mom, Matt called me. I started to tell him that I had just talked to my Mom, when he said, "Call her back and tell her to come get the boys." I was stunned. I just said "What?" He said, I was rearended and the boys are hysterical." Just then, his phone dies.
So all I know at this point was that the 3 most important people in my life were in a car accident and that the boys were crying hysterically. Matt's phone was going straight to Voicemail, so I called my Mom and told her to go get the boys, but I couldn't tell her where he was, just to follow his route home.
I was a nervous wreck. I started bawling. I was worried about the boys, about Matt, about the car, about the carseats. I was rearended when I was 6 weeks pregnant in that car. That car was good as new and now it has been in 2 accidents, and both technically had my precious babies in the car.
I got a call a little bit later from my Dad who got to them first. He told me everything was okay and everyone was alright. I found out that an F250 wasn't paying attention and while my husband was waiting to merge right onto the highway, the truck slammed into the back of them.
Matt said the driver is young, only about 18. Matt said he thinks he was a kid driving his Dad's truck. He slammed his F250 into our little Cobalt. Matt had called the cops before he called me and 911 said they would send someone. After 20 minutes of waiting, the cops called and said they would not be coming and to just exchange information. I did not like that at all. Why do we pay taxes if the police can't help us in our time of need?
Anyway, the guy had liability only on a newer $40,000 truck. I think that seems kinda weird. And the insurance company was one I never heard of, but it was valid, we made sure to check.
So everyone was okay, thank God! The boys were in hysterics because they were napping when the car was hit. It scared them pretty bad, but after a few minutes, they had calmed down and went to sleep.
So that night, I wanted to cuddle James extra because of the Wal-Mart incident, but my heart strings were pulling me to Ethan too. Both my babies had a traumatic day. They were both in their first car accident since being out of the womb.
Oh, and the car is drivable, but I hate dealing with insurance. I know it was an accident, but this is such horrible timing for us. We are still waiting for our tax refund that the IRS lost and we have had tons of medical bills to pay off from having the boys. I don't want to have to pay our deductible and wait for Young insurance company to reimburse us. We are purging money and the over $8,000 the government owes us is taking months to get. They lost our first refund papers. This has been ridiculous.

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