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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Television

The television is our friend. I swear, we try not to have it on, but the boys love when it is. They are mesmerized by it. It is the only thing they want to look at.

If Matt and I are in the living room with the TV on, Ethan will arch his back and twist his neck as much as he can to get the best view of the TV. They would watch anything. The even seem interested in C-SPAN, Go figure.

It has gotten to where if they cry and cry, the best thing for us to do, is pull up Elmo's Song on YouTube. Ethan and James both love listening and watching. I have 2 Sesame Street Fanatics! Matt and I love that. There is no better show than Sesame Street. Matt and I still like to watch it. Although, it worries me that the boys like watching TV so much. We are going to have to limit this.

Here is their absolute favorite video in the world:

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