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Thursday, June 25, 2009

More to Love: Screw Off

It hasn't premiered yet, but the previews piss me off so much. You see a bunch of overweight women crying because they can't find love, because they are fat. Then they show a large man and you realize, this is The Bachelor for FAT PEOPLE.
This whole premise just disturbs me. These women don't need to compete for the affection of one big guy and get voted off one by one when they obviously have self esteem issues regarding their weight. As if large women only have this one shot for love and if the big guy doesn't want them, their shot for love is over?
I don't like that it makes it seem like bigger women could only be loved by a fat guy. I think the previews for this show come off so vain, just not in the way we are normally exposed to it. I know they are trying to put up this message that you can find love no matter what size you are, but I really think it broadcasts the message, You can find love, but if you are obese, you better only try to date another obese person. This only intensifies the network television staple, love is completely shallow.

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