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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Sign Rubs Me The Wrong Way

"Tour this home through the mind of a woman"
I hate that sign. It is right off the highway and I see it everyday on my way to and from work. Seriously, are women's brains so profoundly different that they have to put this slightly insulting saying on a giant billboard? I pointed the sign out to my husband the other day and he said it really bothered him, like touring a house with his own ideas were somewhat inferior. I saw right away that we were upset for different reasons.

I decided to look into this further just to see if what they are talking about would tick me off. Guess what, it kinda did. The whole idea behind it is women-centric homebuilding. There is more lighting and more cabinet space. I'm not sure why that is intrinsicly a female need, to want to be able to see and put things away, but apparently, someone thinks it is feminine to have more space for the groceries. Lets not even get started on the concept of Woman's Work!

The thing that bugged me most was how they boast that there is a tiny corner of counter and an extra cabinet in the bathroom. I thought, yeah, for towels, Right? Storage? They said that because women are so busy with maintaining a home, she can use this space to make her a pot of coffee while she showers and does her hair and makeup in the mornings. I thought, "Oh how great, we can't even escape cooking in the bathroom." Also, making any kind of food or beverage in the bathroom is disgusting. That is like saying, lets plug in a toaster and we can just sit it on top of the toilet tank. That way, we can make a full breakfast all without standing up from the can. Making your coffee in your home bathroom, isn't that a little bit Motel 6ish?

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