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Monday, June 1, 2009

My BIL Met My Boys!

My BIL came into town as a surprise this weekend. He met the boys for the first time. On Saturday, we met him at the mall while I went to go pick up the boys' portraits from Olan Mills. We all went out for lunch to Mac Grill and the boys were so good. Ethan slept the whole time and James just watched us and we chit-chatted with him. Towards the end of the meal, he started working himself up, but we pulled him out of his pumpkin seat and he was fine just hanging out.

On a side note:Olan Mills re-ordered all my 10x13s because they got bent during shipping. Also, they forgot to place the order for my CD, so I'm still waiting for that, then you will get to see all their supre-cute pics!

So that evening, my BIL was at the house and we watched Bill Marr's Religulous. To be honest, I went in with low expectations. I like listening to him talk about politics, but when it comes to his views on religion, I get so upset. He is a total religious Biggot most of the time. He believes that if you are smart, then you should be an athiest and having any minute form of faith is complete idiocy. I disagree. I thought his documentary would be very cynical and self-promoting, but it wasn't. He doubts religion and he approached his documentary asking questions and making some very funny jokes. Religion isn't without humor, it is important to keep a light heart about it. I thought his movie was great, and I'm an Educated Christian.

Anyway, BIL, Matt and I watched our movie and then BIL went out with friends. The next morning, BIL came over to eat breakfast with us and see the boys again before he left for home. We got pics of BIL and the boys that I will be posting. Also, I was able to give BIL a ton of their portraits to give to Matt's parents and extended family in Idaho when BIL makes the trip next week.

I was pleased with the weekend.

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